Pre-Owned Aircraft

While we’re not a manufacturer, as far as we’re concerned, our name is on every aircraft we sell. So we won’t sell just any aircraft. We take the time to find the best. Browse our inventory of pre-owned aircraft. We've got the pre-owned aircraft you're looking for, or we will find it for you.


2008 Citation CJ2+ | OE-FHC

• 4,284 Hours
• 3,293 Cycles
• EU OPS Compliant
• Airframe on Pro Parts
• Engines on Tap Advantage Blue
• On CESCOM Since New

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2008 Gulfstream G200 | OE-HAS

• 4,113 Hours
• 2,198 Cycles
• JAR OPS 1 and EASA compliant
• Engines and APU on JSSI
• On CMP
• 10 passenger configuration
• Auto Throttle
• Jump seat
• Galley pocket door

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